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    Tran Le | Captain

    Just tell me that there's free food and dancing, and I'm there.

    Tasneem Islam | Captain
       MESc 2018

    "My greatest pain in life is that I will never be able to see myself perform live." -Kanye

    Aditi "Deets" Ramachandran
       PhD CompSci 2018 | Former Captain

    I loveee bhangra, especially the way it combines energy and grace!

    Sonia "Sohniye" Taneja
       SOM 2019 | Former Captain

    I like to pinch people's cheeks, I have bhangra-ed at the Taj Mahal, and if I could only live on only one food, I would pick gol gappe or chocolate.

    Priyanka "Yanks" Krishnamurthi
       2018 | Webmaster, Former Captain

    Nothing makes me happy like dancing, Taco Bell, and code that compiles. And bhangra makes me the happiest!

    Philip "Philif" Abraham
       2018 | Former Captain

    I'm so chi you thought I was bashful. That's why I dance.

    Lakshmi "Shmi Shmi" Iyengar

    I love bhangra, bruahing, and holding Sreeja's small hands ♥

    Sreeja "Sreejamma" Kodali

    I laugh easily and everything makes me smile, especially Indian dance, soan papdi, and purple.

    Ariege Besson

    I love dance, high energy music and good company! (Bhangra=all three 😉)

    Harmanpreet Singh

    I am a New Yorker whose family comes from the land of the five rivers. I devote my free time to youth empowerment and exploring my culture through bhangra.

    Anson Wang

    I love to smile and laugh. Bhangra makes me smile and laugh. Life is so simple and wonderful sometimes.

    Richard Hwang

    I'm a jolly fellow. I enjoy food, fun, dance, sleep, and good company.

    Now introducing: the newbies!

    Krish Maypole

    I like jumping, bhangra and playing volleyball. I also like friends.

    Neha Verma

    I love math but I also dance so that makes me cool right

    Neehaar Gandhi

    Just a human. being. I enjoy sports and dancing.

    Ashna Gupta

    Food is life. Dance is love.

    Ruhi Manek

    Human Bean (ha ha). Sometimes you have to remind me we aren't in a Bollywood movie so that I don't break into a dance in the middle of the dining hall.

    Our fabulous alumni!

    Melia "Mels" Bernal
       2017 | Former Captain

    I didn't choose the Bhangra life. The Bhangra life chose me.

    Nishwant "Nishypoo" Swami
       2017 | Former Captain

    I could spend all day watching Parks and Rec. or playing my french horn. It has happened on more than one occasion.

    Shona "Shonstar" Hemmady
      2016 | Former Captain

    I adore hugs and nomming and people who like to be hugged :3 and I hecka love to dance.

    Dipon "Mickey Singh" Ghosh
      PhD in Physiology 2017

    Dipon is a former secret agent who gave up the spy life for his beloved YJB. He also never sent us his bio so we decided to make it up. Be sure to add him on Facebook!

    Zoey "Zoooooeeeey" Peterson

    My jugni chaal is #goals.

    Jerusalem "Juju" Hadush

    Joining YJB was my first exposure to Bhangra--LOVE the music, shoulder bounces, smilesss and YJB's insane nakhra!

    Akarsh "Ka$h" Sharma

    I get dough and ball hard. Oh and I love bhangra too. lol I'm lost

    Payal "P-money" Marathe

    I love to dance, eat, and people who will dance and eat with me.

    Yaa "Yeet" Ampofo

    There are few things that are as amazing as good (bhangra) music, white chocolate and sunshine!

    Edward "Stressball" Oo

    I ♥ stress

    Sabrina "Sabz" Rangi
       2015 | Former Captain

    I like to bruah out with YJB and occasionally whip out the Indian accent. I'm all about promoting Punjabi culture and love being one of the "PUNJABI GIRLS" on the team!

    Sagar "Sagz" Yadama
      2015 | Former Captain

    I like to dance Bhangra and hang out with Anurag ♥

    Nimisha "Nimz" Ganesh

    Feed me Chipotle and I'm a happy camper!

    Rafi "Raf" Khan

    Dude I really like dancing

    Anurag "Rage" Deeconda
       2014 | Former Captain

    Also known as DJ anuRage, he still makes our insanely amazing mixes!

    Hannah "Hannu" Mogul-Adlin

    I hate the patriarchy.

    Reuben "Reubs" Hendler

    I can't wait to progress from interpretive dance to some BRRUUUAH!!

    Natalia "Natty Ice" Khosla

    I've been dancing forever (now with YJB and YaleDancers, and before on Yale's Rhythmic Blue and Kalapriya Bharatanatyam Company) and love YJB's spicey nakhra and mastiyaan!

    Scott "Scottiye" Simpson
       2013 | Former Captain

    Even after 4 years dancing with YJB, he's still a Gora Wala.

    Nikhil Bumb
      School of Management 2014

    This may be my 3rd bhangra team, but Bollywood will always be my first love. And ice cream.

    Keerthi "Machete" Shetty
     Ph.D. Candidate in Immunobiology

    Keerthi is double jointed like whoa.

    Kathryn "K-what?" Wright
      School of Forestry

    After 3.5 years of bhangra, the only things Kathryn consistently loves more are manatees and her bicycle.

    David "D-Pain" Cruz

    I just have a lot of feelings about bhangra.